What is a TAG device?

A TAG device is an electronic device for paying tolls electronically and contactlessly. The vehicle with this device passes without stopping at the toll payment ramp where employees collect the toll.

Special benefits for your company

You can buy and top up your TAG even more easily, based on the funds available in advance on your fuel debit cards. You determine the amount that your company wants to pay as a supplement (the minimum amount is RSD 2,000).

For the purchase of top-ups by payment to the account of JP “Putevi Srbije”, a discount of 6% is obtained on the value of the advance payment to the device for electronic toll collection.

Number of bought TAG by single advance payment Discount
25 – 100 pc. 4%
101 – 300 pc. 6%
301 pc. and more 8%

What are the advantages of paying tolls with a TAG device?

  • Payment of tolls without stopping on specially marked toll lanes
  • Shorter transaction time (cash payment and unnecessary retention are avoided)
  • Possibility to get a discount when recharging the device

What is required to buy a TAG device?

Required documents for individuals:

  • ID card for inspection;
  • Photocopy of the traffic license for which the TAG device is being issued.

Required documents for legal entities:

  • Name of legal entity, address, identification number, account numbe;
  • APR decision on entry in the register of business entities;
  • Certificate from the Tax Administration on the completed VAT records (PEPDV form);
  • Certificate of the Tax Administration on the completed registration and Tax ID number (REG form);
  • A copy of a valid traffic license for vehicles for which a TAG device is issued and activated.

Filing a complaint concerning the TAG device

If you want to file a complaint concerning your TAG device functioning, or the amount of toll collected, you can do so at toll stations and points of sale for ENP (electronic toll collection) PE “Roads of Serbia”, as well as at selected NIS Petrol and Gazprom refuelling stations.

Find Out More

Petrol stations where TAG devices can be purchased and refilled

NIS Petrol stations where you can buy TAG devices: