Pure energy for your car

Our OPTI liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is fully deigned for new-generation devices. LPG is ideal for the vehicles both designed and converted to use this type of fuel.

LPG is safe, it enables significant savings and reduced environmental pollution due to lower CO2 emission as opposed to the emissions produced by vehicles powered by other types of fuel.

Cost-effective in all aspects

The cost-effectiveness of LPG is reflected in the low price, longer engine life, lower maintenance expenses, longer oil and sparks replacement intervals, and longer catalyst life.

More environmentally friendly

From the ecological point of view, OPTI autogas is much more acceptable than standard fuels – it is cleaner and more optimal for our environment.

We are expanding our network

The number of NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations where you can refuel OPTI autogas is constantly on the rise, as a result of installing LPG installations at the existing and new petrol stations.

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