Greater benefits for retirees

From now on, great benefits are available with the Pensioner Card when buying fuel
and products from shops and restaurants at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Take advantage of special discounts with the Retiree Card

If you are a Retiree Card user, you get a special discount when shopping at our gas stations. All that is required is to show your Retiree Card at the cash register when paying the bill.

Discounts when buying fuel and other products

Product name Discount
Euro diesel 2 din/l
Euro premium BMB 95 2 din/l
OPTI diesel 2 din/l
OPTI gasoline 95 2 din/l
OPTI auto gas 1 din/l
CNG methane 1 din/l
G-Drive diesel 3 din/l
G-Drive 100 3 din/l
Shop and restaurant products 3% discount on retail price


How to become a user?

The Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance has provided the conditions for issuing a new Retiree Card, with which discounts are available from partners when paying for products and services.

If you want to become a user of the new card, you can find out about the conditions and procedure for issuing the Retiree Card through the contact center or the website of the PIO Fund.


If you use the PIO discount card, it is not possible to issue a bill with customer identification (cash bill).

The discount cannot be combined with the Sa nama na putu card and other promotions.

The discount does not apply when purchasing gift cards, tobacco products, TAG devices, magazines, daily newspapers, all kinds of refills, laundry and vacuum tokens, store and restaurant products purchased with coupons.