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Since when do we know each other?

In the history of our company, which has lasted for more than 75 years, one moment stands apart from others: the opening of our first petrol station in 1953. It was then that we were first introduced to our consumers and began a journey together.

Another significant milestone is 2012 when the first Gazprom station was opened in Belgrade.

To this date, we have kept growing together to provide the highest standards of service to our consumers.

What can we do for you?

How can a large network of petrol stations be presented in short? Is it enough to say that more than 300 NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations make us the largest such network in Serbia? No, because our nationwide presence is only the beginning.

What is much more important than this number is the desire to provide our visitors with the best possible service and the drivers with our G-Drive fuel whose supreme quality has been proven to protect your vehicle’s engine, improve its performance and optimise how it works. Likewise, our passion for business is to provide innovative solutions to all partners and travellers making their work or travel a genuine pleasure.


We offer you refreshment, rest and a well-deserved break wherever the road may take you. A wide range of brands, goods and services will meet all your needs, enabling you to enjoy them in a modern and user-friendly manner. We offer innovations that will make sure that your experience at the petrol station reaches a new level: from refuelling without getting out of the car to paying bills via a mobile app.

Of course, you can always enjoy a traditional experience and visit our Drive Cafe restaurants, where you can have cold and hot drinks, freshly prepared food for everyone’s taste, including also many brands of our private label brands, premium quality, that we have carefully developed over the years to give you more than you expect, each and every time.

The largest network in Serbia counting more than 300 NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

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Long-term quality of service

Our strategy is not aimed at a single interaction, we are focused on a long-term relationship. That idea was behind the Sa nama na putu Program that unites many drivers and gives them many benefits such as savings through collecting bonus points and exclusive discounts in cooperation with our partners.

We have designed other loyalty programs for farmers, taxi drivers or professional drivers to make each experience at the petrol stations more pleasant and profitable.

We will make your visits to the petrol stations more valuable, both money-wise and in terms of emotions, because most of all we want to look forward to meeting again.

Dedication to customers and employees

Our attention is equally focused on our wholesale partners as well. We are working on building mutual trust and daily exchange of information, with many chances available to improve that cooperation.

We are proud of the highest quality of our petroleum products and services. However, what we are most proud of are our employees, which is the single most important factor of our success and leading position within the region. This website is an excellent source of all information on how to join a team that has been successful for years.

What we are most proud of are our employees, which is the single most important factor of our success and leading position within the region.

employee at the gazprom petrol station

Our vision of the future

Since 1945, we have never ceased delivering energy to fuel your travels, businesses, but also to make your everyday life better and easier. And as the world changed, so did we.

We are dedicated to producing cleaner energy that is protective of the people, but also of the environment. From an oil-focused company, we now supply consumers in the region with gas energy, but also electricity for electric vehicles, which is the future of transport.

The size of a company has nothing to do with its physical size, but with the possibility of transformation to respond to the needs, to the time that pulls us ahead, but also to the trends that shape our common world.