Something to sweeten you up and cool you down

New, fantastic Drive Cafe ice coffee with rich taste and perfect temperature is waiting for you at our petrol stations.

Ice Coffee Drive Cafe

A wealth of taste

We have enriched our already wide range of coffees with iced coffees, which you can make according to your taste, with a selection of delicious additives to get a fantastic drink for warm days. You can enjoy Drive Cafe iced coffee both at our selected gas stations and on your way.

Enjoy an icy refreshment tailored to your taste

Make your own Drive Cafe iced coffee in just a few steps:

  • take a glass with ice from the freezer and pour the S-sized coffee to your taste on the coffee machine
  • pay for your coffee at the cash register at the standard price with an additional charge of 50 dinars for a glass with ice, and enhance your enjoyment by pouring the desired syrup.

Visit us at selected petrol stations and enjoy the richness of flavours offered by our Drive Cafe ice coffees.