Collect all of us

The magical world of Lilalu rubber ducks has arrived at our filling stations. Several different categories and a plethora of cute models give you the chance to choose the ones that best match your lifestyle or to collect them all like a true collector.

Super heroji

Superhero ducks

Lilalu ducks take the form of some of the most famous TV and comic-book heroes. Choose your favourite, brave, and cute Lilalu ducks.

Patkice šljokice

Glitter is always in fashion

If you think nothing is cuter than little rubber ducks – you are mistaken. Glittery ducks are here to win your heart and prove to you that they are the sweetest thing ever.

Sporty patkice

Sporty ducks

The ducks are getting ready for summer – gym, yoga, running, soccer… You choose the sport, and they hit the field!

Poslovne patkice

Ducks at work

While some are having fun, these ducks take their job seriously. They have put on their uniforms, taken tools in hand, and are doing what they do best – being adorable.

Lifestyle patkice

Lifestyle ducks

These Lilalu ducks live life on their own terms and do not pay attention to what others say or think about them. They are cool, they have their own style, and that is why everyone wants them.

Patkice slatkice

Sweet baby ducks

Crafted to draw out smiles and find the shortest route to the heart – go ahead, try not to fall in love with this crew.

You can find Lilalu ducks on the following filling stations