Kabinet, Tron

“Kabinet” – from the “Cabinet of Rarities” in Nemenikuce, a beer contingent of different flavors, aromas, colors and textures was delivered to our stations. Beer gourmets will surely find their favourite in the rich beer cabinet, but always new beers for tasting.

“Tron” – Unpasteurized and unfiltered craft beers of top quality that push the limits of what has been expected have arrived from pedestals in a wide selection at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Inat, Kompas

“Inat” – Beer according to the traditional recipe without addition of sugar, artificial colours and aromas shaped in one word – Inat.
Or as the amended proverb would say – “there is no better trade than spite”.

“Kompas” – A beer that will show you all sides the world with its exotic and unforgettable aromas and flavours. “Kompas” will take you on an unusual adventure with every new sip.

Robokraft, Dogma

“Robokraft” – Find the beers of the future in the beer range of nowadays. “Robokraft” is the future of beer created by the synergy of love for beer and skillfully selected aromas and flavours.

“Dogma”– There are beers that arise suspicion and beers that are beyond suspicion. Enjoy unique tastes from the wide range of Dogma breweries. Beers with exotic aromas and sharp flavour will, with every new sip, push the limits of your answer to the question – “What is beer?”.


“Salto” – A brewery that transferred the tradition of Belgian breweries to Serbia. Try the delicious flavors of chocolate beer, coffee, hazelnuts, oranges and tropical notes and the best dark beer in the world Salto Stout.

These exciting tastes can be found at the following petrol stations in Belgrade:



Don’t forget that responsible attitude to driving comes first, so when you’re driving, save your beer for enjoying it at home.