G-Drive chewing gum brings you the necessary dose of freshness!

Every driver needs some refreshment along the way! Relax without a break with G-Drive chewing gum sugar-free.

G-Drive Peppermint

Try the refreshing note of peppermint!

G-Drive Spearmint

Try the sweet note of wild mint!

G-Drive Peppermint in a bottle

Try the refreshing note of peppermint in a bottle!

G-Drive Spearmint in a bottle

Try the sweet note of wild mint in a bottle!

Refresh yourself while driving with G-Drive candies

G-Drive candies of irresistible flavors give energy and give you constant freshness while driving. G-Drive candies are sugar-free energy candies.

g drive bonbons peppermint taste


Try energy mints with the legendary taste of peppermint. They refresh the breath and make every ride more pleasant.

g drive bonbons spearmint taste


Make your trip more enjoyable with the fresh taste of wild mint. Slightly spicy and sweet notes are a relaxing combination.

g drive bonbons peach taste


The fruit is known for its irresistible and seductive taste. They give you energy and freshness just when you need it.


Taste this delicious energy mint and super juicy strawberry that hides an explosion of flavours.