For maximum performance

The quality of motor fuels directly affects the operation and life of an engine, as well as the quality of driving. G-Drive diesel is a top quality fuel, developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field of advanced fuels, thus guaranteeing the highest fuel quality.

Increased engine power

G-Drive diesel is a premium additive diesel fuel that gives your vehicle new power and a better feeling about the ride!

The synergy of active components of additives and Euro diesel fuel of the highest quality, contributes to the renewal and increase of engine power of your car up to 7.8%*.

The graphic presentation is illustrative.

* The result was obtained on the basis of a test conducted on a common rail engine of a newer generation (CEC DW10 B engine test), on the summer version of the Euro diesel quality standard EN590, where renewal and increase of engine power were achieved after using 9 tanks of added diesel fuel.

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Increased injector flow

During fuel combustion, the deposits of impurities that are formed have a negative effect on the operation of the engine. By using G-Drive diesel fuel, impurities are removed, injector flow is increased, which with more efficient fuel spraying results in renewal and increased engine power, making your ride a unique experience.

Improved engine performance

In addition to additional power, the use of G-Drive diesel fuel contributes to improved engine start-up as well as more stable and quieter engine operation. In addition, the additive complex in this fuel increases the cetane number, resulting in more efficient fuel combustion and overall improved engine performance. It is reliable and stable even in winter conditions up to -30 °C.

Improved performance and additional engine power ensure a more dynamic and comfortable ride.

Professional fuel system protection

G-Drive diesel provides the car engine with a high degree of protection for all parts, especially the injectors and metal parts. It successfully removes impurities and prevents corrosion.

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Active cleaning

When fuel burns, deposits of dirt are created that prevent the engine from developing its full power. Therefore, the risk of failures increases. The additive complex in G-Drive diesel fuel contains an active cleaning component that has the task of eliminating accumulated dirt deposits. In this way, in addition to restoring and increasing engine power, this component reduces the risk of breakdowns and helps extend engine life. Accumulated dirt on the injectors Cleaned injectors after using G-Drive diesel fuel

Reliable corrosion protection

The active anti-corrosion component of G-Drive diesel fuel provides complete protection against "A" class corrosion. With the constant use of G-Drive diesel fuel, further spread of corrosion on the metal parts of the engine is stopped, while in new cars it does not allow corrosion to occur. In that way, it provides safety and protection to your vehicle, and one less worry to you. Corrosion on the metal part of the engine Protected metal surface using G-Drive diesel fuel

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