Pleasure for traveling gourmands

For all those who like rich flavours, playful aromas and a quality snack that fills with strength, we have prepared a fantastic offer of burgers, which we prepare at our gas stations.

If you are a fan of American cuisine and their way of preparing barbecue, our burgers are the right choice for all your senses.

Delicious burgers for delicious adventures

We offer you a wide selection of different burgers for which we find inspiration in traditional recipes for preparing this dish, which has become a culinary hit of global proportions.
You can find an authentic American burger, but also various variations of this dish at selected NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

A variety of flavors of Drive Cafe burgers

Pure beef, fresh salad, bread cut in half and hot potatoes. How does this sound to you?

When the burger is so delicious, all we add is just a plus to the perfect harmony that adorns our burgers.

Whether we add a piece of top-quality cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce or some delicious sauce, you will find a real gastronomic pleasure in front of you.


Drive Cafe burger


Drive Cafe cheese burger


Drive Cafe double cheeseburger


Drive Cafe royal burger


Drive Cafe bacon burger


Drive Cafe extra burger


Drive Cafe vege burger

You can enjoy delicious Drive Cafe burgers at selected NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations:

  • PS Gazprom Bagrdan, Highway Niš-Belgrade, Jagodina, Bagrdan
  • PS Gazprom Krnješevci, Highway Belgrade-Zagreb, Krnješevci
  • PS Gazprom Novi Sad 16, Highway Novi Sad-Belgrade, Novi Sad
  • PS Gazprom Sokolići 1, Highway Belgrade-Čačak, Čačak