G-Drive diesel

Try the powerful fuel that contributes to better engine startability and maximum performance, improving your driving experience. G-Drive diesel removes impurities and prevents corrosion.

G-Drive 100

Produced according to the highest technological standards, G-Drive 100 is a new-power fuel providing professional protection for your engine, and a safer and more exciting ride for you. In addition, it removes engine impurities and improves engine performance.

OPTI diesel

Our diesel fuel is enhanced with high-performance additives, specially formulated from optimum ingredients providing engine protection and stable performance. Engine protection will help achieve savings in the long run.

OPTI gasoline

Opti gasoline is 95-octane gasoline with additives. It has been designed by enriching standard gasoline with high-performance additives to obtain the fuel which, when used on a regular basis, contributes to reduced fuel consumption, less frequent engine failures and optimum engine protection.

OPTI auto gas

LPG is ideal for the vehicles both designed and converted to use this type of fuel. It is safe, it enables significant savings and reduces environmental pollution due to lower CO2 emissions as opposed to the emissions of vehicles powered by other types of fuel.

Euro diesel

Our standard Euro diesel is produced in accordance with the latest EU quality standard. Winter is a period when it especially proves its quality.

Euro premium BMB 95

Our gasoline is of high-quality and an excellent choice for all new-generation cars, given that it protects both the environment and the vehicle itself. Euro Premium BMB 95 is unleaded 95-octane gasoline, produced in compliance with the European standard gasoline quality requirements.

Methane CNG

Compressed natural gas, popularly known as methane, is natural gas utilized as an energy generating product in industry or as motor fuel for vehicles. The use of this CNG fuel will bring you significant savings, even up to 50%, depending on the vehicle.

EV chargers

NIS Petrol and Gazprom keep abreast with the latest energy trends, but also represent an energy source. For that reason, we have enable drivers of electric drive vehicles to charge their cars fast and effortlessly in Serbia and Europe, using the regional charge&GO network as well as their partner's networks.