Gift card for every occasion

As a small token of appreciation or a last minute gift.
For regular days or special occasions.
To say thank you or extend heartfelt congratulations,
wish a happy birthday or a nice trip.
For new kilometres travelled and future adventures.

Type of gift cards

Gift cards worth RSD 1,000, 3,000 or 5,000 are now available at some NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

You can redeem them to purchase fuel and non-fuel products on our offer.

We have developed a new functionality that enables using of the card multiple times, up to the final consumption of the available funds.

At all NIS retail outlets, it is possible to check the validity date, as well as check the balance on the card.

See the list of petrol stations offering gift cards by clicking on the button below:

List of petrol stations

Make your loved ones happy

Note: Gift cards can be purchased using bonus points. It is not possible to pay with a gift card and bonus points at the same time. Bonus points are not earned by purchasing gift cards.

To find out how you can make your business partners, friends or someone else happy, please contact our Call Centre at 08 0000 8888 , always at your service. For the general terms and conditions of using gift cards, follow the link below:

Terms of use