Prime Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry

When your day is long or you need a boost for the last part of the race, dare and invigorate with PRIME Blue Raspberry. The refreshing taste of your new favorite drink will give you the right energy for every endeavor. Gluten-free. No caffeine.

Prime Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime

Quench your thirst in the best possible way with PRIME Lemon Lime. This flavour comes at the right moment when you need refreshment and extra energy. Even for the picky ones, citrus aromas provide every workout with perfect functionality and good taste. Gluten-free. No caffeine.

Prime Ice Pop


From the PRIME brand comes real fun, shaped as a drink with the energy of childhood. PRIME IcePop is a great choice for those who want to refresh themselves and seize the opportunity to show the world what is possible. Gluten-free. No caffeine.

Prime Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch

Embrace the tropical energy and quench your thirst. Refresh yourself, recharge and head for a new victory with the perfect drive that will win you over – every step of the way. Gluten-free. No caffeine.

Hurry, because quantities are limited.

Exciting PRIME flavors can be found at the following gas stations:



The drink is intended for adults only.

Allowed daily intake is one 500ml bottle.