Electric vehicle chargers now available at petrol stations

NIS Petrol and Gazprom follow the ultimate energy trends, while being a source of energy.

That is why we have enabled all drivers who own an electric vehicle to provide energy for their cars in Serbia and Europe in a quick and easy way, through the European Charge&GO and Orion eMobility network together with the network of their partners.

Electric cars have become part of our reality

NIS Petrol and Gazprom keep introducing innovation; hence, our petrol stations are the first in Serbia to become part of the Charge&GO and Orion eMobility network of electric chargers. In accordance with the latest technological standards, Orion eMobility provides the highest charging power that is both fast and efficient.

Where can I charge my electric car?

All electric car owners can now charge their electric cars at our selected petrol stations.

Charge&GO electric vehicle charging stations:
• Petrol Station Novi Sad 16 – Novi Sad, Highway Novi Sad – Beograd
• Petrol Station Stari Banovci – Stari Banovci, Highway Beograd – Novi Sad
• Petrol Station Velika Plana – Velika Plana, Highway Beograd – Niš
• Petrol Station Sokolići 1 – Čačak, Highway Beograd – Čačak

Orion eMobility electric vehicle charging stations:
• Petrol Station Zmaj 1 – Beograd, Highway Beograd – Zagreb
• Petrol Station Sokolići 2 – Čačak, Highway Beograd – Čačak
• Petrol Station Bački Vinogradi 1 – Bački Vinogradi, Bački Vinogradi salaši 26

Downloading Charge&GO and Orion eMobility mobile applications

Charge&GO application may be downloaded either from Google Play or Apple App Store platform.

You can order the RFID card during registration or later from your user account.

You can download the Orion eMobility application on the Google Play or Apple App Store platforms.

To create an RFID card, you need to apply via email emobility@oriontelekom.rs

How can I pay for the charging service?

You can pay for the service in several ways:

Charge&GO payment methods:
• By payment card without registration, through the Charge&GO platform
• With registration using mobile applications Charge&GO or RFID card
Orion eMobility payment methods:
• With registration: using the Orion eMobility application
• Using an RFID card – when using Orion eMobility charging devices

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