Your package in your desired time

In cooperation with D Express courier service, we have created an innovative and unique courier service in Serbia.

Paketomat allows you to pick up your package at a petrol station when you find it most convenient.

We are continuously working on making our parcel collection service Paketomat even more accessible – that is why Ananas, our new partner, has come to our petrol stations. You are now able to collect your parcel at even more locations all around Serbia.

easy to use
you choose the time

The list of petrol stations offering Paketomat service is available here:

List of petrol stations

How to pick up the package using Paketomat service?


Select delivery via or website of the companies delivering parcels via D Express.




When D Express collects your parcel, you will receive a notification and link where you can chose the petrol station with a parcel locker, where your parcel will arrive.



When your parcel arrives at the petrol station, you will receive a notification message and the CODE in a text message or a QR CODE on Viber, which you will need to save.


If you have chosen the option “Pay on delivery” when making your order, read your CODE at the petrol station cash register, pay the cashier, and then you can collect your parcel.



Press “Collect parcel” on the parcel locker. Enter the CODE manually or scan the QR CODE and then press “Confirm”. Enter the mobile telephone number of the CODE message you received.



The parcel locker will open automatically. Take your parcel and close the locker.