Freshly prepared and delicious

Sometimes we just need something warm, tasty, healthier and “on a spoon” to warm us up and give us strength. Potages that have become part of the offer at our petrol stations are just like that.
When you’ve had enough of dry food and think of something warm and invigorating, think and choose one of our potages.

Healthy on the go

From the most diverse types of vegetables, in all seasons, potages are always a good and high-quality choice for a meal.
This thick soup made of pureed vegetables is very nutritious and rich in nutrients, and at the same time very light.
You can refuel with potages at the gas station itself, and if you are in a hurry – we will easily pack them.

You can choose

We offer three types of vegetable potage:
– Invigorating Pumpkin Potage,
– Creamy mushroom potage and
– Spicy tomato potage.
The choice is not difficult – when it comes to Drive Cafe potages, each one is a hit.

Visit us at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations
and enjoy a delicious meal.