The largest coffee shop in Serbia

No matter how long your journey was and no matter how far away your destination is, we have tried to keep your true pleasure always close.

Enjoy the top quality of the unique Drive Cafe coffee at more than 300 NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, in the largest coffee shop in the country.

Espresso, cappuccino, latte or some other hot beverage, to take away or while you are on a break – whatever your choice, the perfect combination of selected coffee varieties will make your trip a hedonistic adventure.

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Both origin and tradition

What makes each cup of Drive Cafe coffee a unique adventure is the proven geographical origin of each bean that makes a part of it and the traditional Italian recipe according to which it is prepared.

That is why every cup of Drive Cafe makes all your travels – long or short – a unique adventure to remember.

Everyone is slobbering over how we roast coffee

Only when roasted separately, does each coffee variety provide the maximum of its aroma and flavor potential.

Therefore, we respect this method of preparation – we fry each variety separately and then combine them into a mixture of unique and unrepeatable taste for your unique and unrepeatable travels.

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Find the perfect measure of winning quality

You have helped us to choose the perfect combination of beans that make up the top taste of Drive Cafe coffee.

In the category of 32 expert coffee blends, you choose our coffee, making it a winner and a source of pride.

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Drive Cafe coffee comes in 3 sizes.
For all small and large topics, important and everyday travel, we have the answer and support full of superior aroma.

Available at over



5.000.000 CUPS OF COFFEE
are consumed ANNUALLY

Drive Cafe coffee