Required documentation

You can download the documentation required for the issuance of the NIS Gazprom fuel card by clicking on the link below. Please enter all required information carefully. If you encounter any ambiguities, you can contact our Call Center at 08 0000 8888.


Required documentation

Conclusion of the contract

Fill out the application. Our service will contact you as soon as we receive the application. Please enter all the required data carefully, as the accuracy and availability of the data are necessary for mutually successful cooperation.


Conclusion of the contract

Why is it worth using the NIS Gazprom fuel card?

  • You save time and money by using the NIS Gazprom fuel card;


  • Accurate fueling accounting system;


  • Ease of use;


  • Simple, safe and fast way of supplying petroleum products;


  • Cashless supply of fuel and other products on the largest retail network in Serbia, but also in the region – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria;


  • Monitoring and control of consumption via computer and mobile phone;


  • Protection against unauthorized access – each card has a chip and is protected by PIN number;


  • The choice of debit or credit card, depending on your needs;


  • The possibility of issuing CDs and IC cards for diplomatic consular missions and international organizations;


  • Easier control of card use;


  • Real-time insight into transactions from anywhere.


  • The selection of petroleum products


  • Setting daily, monthly and quarterly limits


  • Card blocking and unblocking


  • The preparation of reports, with export to any of the known formats (Excel, Word, pdf….)


  • You do not commit to a specific consumption


  • The possibility of deferred payment


  • Constant monitoring of prices and the lowest price policy in each micro-region