Gas oil extra light euro EL for natural persons

NIS a.d, as the only company on the market of the Republic of Serbia, sells extra light Euro EL gas oil to natural persons during the heating season, which is used for room heating.


Gas oil
extra light euro EL

This type of oil is intended for evaporative burners, as well as for all burners operating under pressure, without the possibility of preheating the fuel.

It is obtained by mixing diesel components. In the finalization process, orange colour with marker and additives to improve low-temperature characteristics are added if necessary.

Delivery of gas oil for natural persons

Characteristics of gas oil extra light Euro EL are in accordance with the Rulebook on technical and other requirements for liquid fuels of petroleum origin.

The sale of extra light euro EL gas oil for natural persons is carried out at one sales point of NIS, at Milentija Popovića 1, Belgrade, 011/205-8758 and 064/888-5109.

Bearing in mind that we deliver exclusively in tank trucks, the minimum quantity for delivery is 1,000 liters of extra light euro EL gas oil.

During delivery, transportation is performed by tank trucks organized by our company, and the buyer is obliged to provide unobstructed access and unloading of tank trucks.

Current prices

Valid prices of gas oil extra light Euro EL are regularly updated and published on our official website,
on the wholesale price list page.

wholesale price list