The break on the road has got more exciting taste

Are you hungry and you want to eat a quick snack? Still, you do not want just anything, but rather something tasty, hot, crunchy and fragrant… Fulfill your wish with a freshly prepared hot-dog.

We will make you feel good with the fact that this taste is the latest in our offer of top flavours.

Hot-dog - a quick meal full of flavor

Packed in baguettes that are prepared especially for hot-dogs to prevent cracking at the edges or topping leaking, Drive Cafe hot-dogs are the perfect choice for a quick meal when the weather is not on our side. And for the complete enjoyment of this meal, we have provided delicious toppings in the form of ketchup, mustard, hot dog sauce and garlic sauce. You can find our delicious hot dogs at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations across the country – try them and find out why they are considered to be one of the most delicious fast food delicacies.

World food on domestic roads

Hot-dog is a dish that has travelled all over the world and has taken root in many countries, but it has gained fame primarily on the streets of America, where it is very well known as one of the most popular food choices.

Its journey has continued along our roads, and now it attracts a large number of lovers of good food to come and join us at selected petrol stations where you can find it.

All those who love a tasty snack are welcome.
Visit us at the petrol stations and enjoy the freshly prepared Drive Cafe hot-dog.