Benefits of the loyalty program

Besides enabling you to collect and spend bonus points, the loyalty card will grant you a set of special discounts and great offers to be obtained at our petrol stations and in our partners' stores as well. Special promotions await you.

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Join the online "Sa nama na putu" loyalty program

You are now just one click away from joining the number one loyalty program for drivers in Serbia, online and completely free, through the mobile app Sa nama na putu. Collect and use bonus points and enjoy special discounts on fuel, Drive Cafe coffee and products from our special offers.

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Download the "Sa nama na putu" mobile app

The mobile app is a digitalised Sa nama na putu loyalty card that allows you to carry with you your card for collecting and spending bonus points.

Make sure you save money at all times and collect and spend bonus points using your phone.

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Changes in cooperation with Naša AIK Banka

In accordance with the changes in cooperation with Naša AIK Banka, payment by SNNP loyalty cards has ended as of December 18, 2022. The complete functionality of your "Sa nama na putu" card remains unchanged with all the existing benefits that the card provides. For more information, please contact Our AIK Bank: 19909.

Meet our partners

Sa nama na putu loyalty program will get you a privileged customer status with our partners.

By purchasing goods from them, you earn bonus points on your card, which you can later spend to purchase fuel at a lower cost at our petrol stations.

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Activate your card online in just 15 minutes

Activate your Sa nama na putu loyalty card online on your computer or mobile phone.

In just 15 minutes, you will be able to collect and spend bonus points and achieve some great savings.

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Questions and answers

If you have any questions about the Sa nama na putu loyalty program, you can find the answer here.

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