Euro diesel of optimum quality in accordance with the latest EU standards

OPTI diesel is a diesel fuel with additives, i.e. a blend of Euro diesel produced in the Pančevo Oil Refinery and the additive complex of a renowned global manufacturer.

Its specially designed formula with optimal ingredients protects the engine and improves its stability.

Improved stability

By improving lubrication, OPTI diesel reduces friction in moving parts of the engine and enables smoother and quieter operation, while efficient cleaning and corrosion protection ensures longer engine life.

Benefits of OPTI diesel

Improved engine stability

Optimum engine protection

Reduction of friction in the engine

Optimum engine protection

OPTI diesel contains a complex of additives that removes impurities from key engine components. This improved formula, with continuity of use, will improve fuel flow and reduce the friction in the system.

Corrosion protection

OPTI diesel provides efficient corrosion protection. By protecting the engine and preserving its functionalities, our diesel fuel has a beneficial effect on a prolonged engine life, reduces failures, and enables savings in the long run.

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