Pay fuel without going to the cash register

Drive.Go mobile application is the first of the kind in Serbia enabling you to pay for the fuel at the point of fuelling – fast, easy and secure, without going to the cash register.

Download Drive.Go application:

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Justify fuel costs with Moja firma (My Company) functionality

The functionality of the Moja Firma (My Company) Drive.Go application allows you to pay for fuel and get a cash receipt that arrives at your email address without going to the cash register.

Properly recorded cash receipts on the email save time and allow convenient justification of fuel costs.

*If you have not taken a cash receipt at our petrol stations so far, it takes six hours from the first registration of the TIN through the Drive.Go application for your cash receipt to be sent to the email.
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Start the new service

FAST LINE signifies specially designed “fast” refuelling points that ensure you don’t need to wait in line when you want to refuel.

It is currently available at Gazprom petrol station “Avalski put” in Bulevar oslobođenja 343 in Belgrade, at refueling points 7 and 8, between 22 and 6h.

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Saves time efficiently

The app has the map functionality that can guide you to the nearest petrol station where you can refuel based on your current location.

In the app, you can also find out all additional information about working hours, fuel types, and services at petrol stations.

1. Install Drive.Go application on your mobile phone
2. Scan the QR at the fuel dispenser – before or after refuelling, whichever is more convenient to you
3. Fill up the tank
4. Press the „Pay“ button in the application
5. Go! Fuel purchase using Drive.Go application is successfully completed!

Drive.Go application is simple to use

Now with new payment options

The Drive.Go app can be integrated with your Sa nama na putu fuel card, so that you can use the 45-day payment deferral and collect bonus points to get discounts on our petrol stations.

If your register your Sa nama na putu card in the Drive.Go app, you will receive bonus points for every purchase you make in our network.


Refill and pay for OPTI screen wash on tap using Drive.Go application

Having refuelled and paid, you can also refill OPTI screen wash at our petrol stations, scan the QR code on the OPTI reader and pay the bill using Drive.Go application.

The following petrol stations offer the service of refilling OPTI screen wash fluid:

  • NIS Petrol Tošin bunar, Tošin bunar b.b, Novi Beograd
  • Gazprom Blok 66, Bulevar heroja sa Košara b.b, Novi Beograd
  • NIS Petrol Novi Sad 11,  Bulevar cara Lazara b.b, Novi Sad
  • Gazprom Stari Banovci, Belgrade – Novi Sad motorway, Stari Banovci

Drive.Go app takes you to the nearest petrol station

The Drive.Go app has map display functionality that allows you to get to the nearest petrol station. Based on the current location, the app determines the route and guides you to the gas station where you can refuel.

In addition to locations and the fastest route, the application also gives you insight into all additional information about working hours, types of fuel and available services at the desired gas stations.

Drive.Go QR code

At which stations is the Drive.Go service available?

Drive.Go service is provided at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom gas stations throughout Serbia.

A map of all our petrol stations with all the necessary details about other services and products is available here:

List of petrol stations

MY CAR: new service for Drive.Go users

Drive.Go users now have at their disposal new service „My car“, which provides the possibility of recording useful information as well as setting reminders for important dates.

How is the service used?
On his profile within the Drive.Go application, in the My car option, the user can enter all the necessary data, such as the validity period of the driver’s license and vehicle registration document, as well as the insurance policy. All entered data is saved in the application, and the user can set to receive a reminder for the validity of the entered documents.

100% reliable payment

All your data are completely protected and purchasing fuel in this way is completely secure.

Drive.Go mobile application uses services of Banca Intesa payment processor, thus ensuring secure registration and payment by payment cards. Payment card data are secured in the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures) certified bank processor environment, using the top data security level – PCI DSS Level 1.

Each Drive.Go payment transaction is processed by the payment processor, in accordance with PCI DSS security standards, providing protection of technical and operating components of the system involved in or connected to card data processing. Hence, all payment transactions and all payment card data are protected and secure throughout the entire payment transaction processing.

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