Spend bonus points to purchase fuel and other products

Earned bonus points can be spent at any time to reduce the receipt amount when purchasing fuel at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Bonus points can also be spent on purchases of other products and services.

Three loyalty levels

The number of bonus points collected depends on your loyalty card level, and it is determined based on monthly spending.

Loyalty levels are: SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM.

The table shows the card level and the amount of bonus points vs your monthly consumption.

LevelSpending in the previous month
Silver0 – 9.999 RSD
Gold10.000 – 22.999 RSD
PlatinumOver 23.000 RSD
Euro diesel2 bp/l3,5 bp/l4,5 bp/l
Euro premium BMB 952 bp/l3,5 bp/l4,5 bp/l
OPTI diesel2 bp/l3,5 bp/l4,5 bp/l
OPTI gasoline 952 bp/l3,5 bp/l4,5 bp/l
OPTI auto gas1 bp/l1,5 bp/l2,5 bp/l
Methane CNG1 bp/kg1,5 bp/kg2,5 bp/kg
G-Drive diesel3 bp/l4,5 bp/l5,5 bp/l
G-Drive 1003 bp/l4,5 bp/l5,5 bp/l
AdBlue on tap1 bp/l1,5 bp/l2,5 bp/l
OPTI autoglass on tap1 bp/l1 bp/l1 bp/l

bp = bonus point; 1 bonus point = 1 RSD

The model of calculating bonus points when buying fuel and other products

At the very beginning, your card level is SILVER and every purchase of fuel or items of the additional product assortment earns you 1 to 3 bonus points per litre or 1.5% bonus points based on the receipt for the additional product assortment.

When you spend more than 9,999 RSD during any month, your card level becomes GOLD in the next month, and we reward each of your fuel purchases with 1.5 to 4.5 bonus points per litre, while each purchase of items of the additional product assortment earns you 2.5% bonus points on the bill amount applying to items of the additional product assortment.

You can reach the highest PLATINUM card level if your purchases amount to 23,000 RSD a month or more. Then you will earn 2.5 to 5.5 bonus points per litre for each purchase of fuel, while each purchase of items of the additional product assortment will earn you 3.5% bonus points based on the receipt for items from the additional product assortment.

Your card level is automatically updated at the beginning of each month.

Products from
and restaurants

Collecting bonus points on fuel purchase by example

Types of fuelQuantitySilver bonus pointsGold bonus pointsPlatinum bonus points
G-Drive diesel20 l6090110
OPTI gasoline20 l407090
Euro diesel20 l407090
OPTI auto gas20 l203050
Methane CNG20 kg203050

bp = bonus point; 1 bonus point = 1 RSD

Collecting bonus points on the purchase of other products by example

Name of the productPrice without discount (RSD)Price when purchasing with
Sa nama na putu card (RSD)
Discount (RSD)SILVER
bonus points (1,5%)
bonus points (2,5%)
bonus points (3,5%)
Drive Cafe espresso coffee160130301,953,254,55
Drive Cafe tea160130301,953,254,55
Drive Cafe orange juice280220603,305,507,70
Drive Cafe burger330260703,906,509,10
Dried pork tenderloin and kajmak sandwich390310804,657,7510,85
Burek with meat180140402,103,504,90
Chocolate doughnut170130401,953,254,55
Ice cream with dressing10080201,202,002,80
Coca-Cola 0,33 l160120401,803,004,20

Offer and prices at A-category petrol stations (motorway petrol stations)
1 bonus point = 1 dinar


The calculation of monthly consumption, which affects the level that your card will have during the next month, includes only purchases of fuel and other products and services at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations. Purchases in partner stores are not included in the calculation of monthly consumption.

Bonus points cannot be collected by purchasing cigarettes, TAG devices, magazines, daily newspapers, all kinds of recharges, laundry and vacuum cleaner tokens, products under the Spend&Get program and coupon collection programs with which a discount is calculated.