Electronic toll payment

At NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, we have ensured that you may quickly and easily buy or top up your TAG device and afford yourself a leisurely journey without downtime.

The use of TAG devices reduces congestion on highways and toll plazas, and provides drivers with a quality and comfortable ride.

tag device

What is a TAG device?

  • TAG ор ENP device is an electronic toll payment device representing a method of contactless electronic toll collection, in which vehicles pass without stopping in the regular lane where the officer charges toll.
  • This is a battery transponder located on the inside of the front windshield of the vehicle.
  • The connection is established via an antenna installed on the canopy above the entrance / toll lane.
  • One TAG is used for one vehicle of the corresponding category, except in the case of category 1, in which one device can be used for several vehicles.
  • TAG has no time limit for use and contains the following information: vehicle registration number, road category and the amount of toll paid.
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ENP) function on the following way: When the vehicle with the TAG device approaches the exit fast lane, which is outfitted with the ENP system, the antenna on the canopy detects the TAG device on the car, reads the stored data from the device and if the communication is successful, the display shows that the transaction is completed.
  • This toll collection system works at all toll stations, except at the stations Inđija, Vrbas and Zmajevo.

List of NIS Petrol stations where you may purchase and top up your TAG device:

  1. 1. Zmaj 2, Auto-put Beograd Zagreb - ulaz, Beograd
  2. 2. Sava, Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 30a, Novi Beograd, Beograd
  3. 3. BIP, Franše d' Eperea b.b, Beograd
  4. 4. Veliki Mokri Lug 1, Autoput Beograd - Niš, Beograd
  5. 5. Vase Pelagića, Andre Nikolića b.b, Beograd
  6. 6. Ljig 2, Ravnogorska b.b, Ljig
  7. 7. Svilajnac, Visokog Stevana b.b, Svilajnac
  8. 8. Kovin, Put za Smederevo b.b, Kovin
  9. 9. Predejane, Autoput Niš - Vranje, Predejane
  10. 10. Sava most, Jevrejska b.b, Šabac
  11. 11. Kragujevac 5, Lepenički bulevar b.b, Kragujevac
  12. 12. Požarevac 3, Beogradski put b.b, Požarevac
  13. 13. Kruševac 1, Gazimestanski trg 1, Kruševac
  14. 14. Adaševci, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb, Adaševci
  15. 15. Pećinci, Autoput Beograd - Zagreb, Pećinci
  16. 16. Sevojno 2, Prvomajska bb, Sevojno
  17. 17. Subotica 1, Tolminska 1V, Subotica
  18. 18. Stara Pazova 3, Novosadski put b.b, Stara Pazova
  19. 19. Servis, Kralja Petra prvog 7, Mladenovac
  20. 20. Vršac 1, Bulevar Miloša Obilića, Vršac
  21. 21. Obrenovac Grad, Cara Lazara 1, Obrenovac
  22. 22. Valjevo 2, Vladike Nikolaja 67a, Valjevo
  23. 23. Petrovaradin, Karlovački drum 3a, Petrovaradin
  24. 24. Palić, Splitska aleja b.b, Palić
  25. 25. Leskovac grad 5, Stanoja Glavaša b.b, Leskovac
  26. 26. Subotica 2, Puškinov trg b.b, Subotica
  27. 27. Subotica 4, Somborski put b.b, Subotica
  28. 28. Vrbas 1, Srbobranski put b.b, Vrbas
  29. 29. Kula, Maršala Tita b.b, Kula
  30. 30. Sombor 2, Filipa Kljajića b.b, Sombor
  31. 31. Vranje - grad, Trg bratstva i jedinstva b.b, Vranje
  32. 32. Jagodina 3, Kneza Lazara b.b, Jagodina
  33. 33. Pirot 3, Nikole Pašića b.b, Pirot
  34. 34. Ub, Svete Popovića b.b, Ub
  35. 35. Bačka Topola, Vašarište b.b, Bačka Topola

Required documents for the purchase of TAG device

The user can be any natural or legal person who signs a contract with PE “Putevi Srbije”, takes over this device at NIS Petrol or Gazprom petrol stations with the appropriate fee and pays the initial subscription amount, which makes the TAG valid for use.

Natural persons shall provide the following documents:

  • ID card for inspection;
  • Photocopy of the traffic license for which the TAG device is issued.

Legal persons shall provide the following documents:

  • Name of the legal entity, address, identification number, account number;
  • APR decision on entry in the register of business entities;
  • Certificate from the Tax Administration on the completed VAT records (PEPDV form);
  • Certificate of the Tax Administration on the completed registration and TIN number (REG form);
  • A copy of a valid traffic license for vehicles for which a TAG is issued and activated.

For the purchase of top-ups by payment to the account of JP “Putevi Srbije”, a discount of 6% is obtained on the value of the advance payment to the device for electronic toll collection.

Price of TAG device and top-up

The price of the TAG device is 2,022 RSD. The consumer determines the amount he wants to pay as a supplement.

Filing a complaint concerning the TAG device

If you want to file a complaint concerning your TAG device functioning, or the amount of toll collected, you can do so at toll stations and points of sale for ENP (electronic toll collection) PE “Roads of Serbia”, as well as at selected NIS Petrol and Gazprom refuelling stations.

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