For better driver visibility

For improved cleanness and visibility, we have provided OPTI screen wash fluid dispensers, pioneering the market. OPTI dispensers are located next to the fuel dispensers at specific NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

In addition to top-quality fuel, refill your car with OPTI screen wash, without packaging, in the exact quantity you need.

From dispenser to your car

The dispensers with OPTI screen wash fluid are conveniently located next to the fuel dispensers, enabling you, every time after refuelling, to refill the washer fluid when needed.

Which are the benefits of refilling OPTI screen wash in this way?

  • You can refill as much as you wish without any superfluous fluid
  • It is more cost-effective than regular washer fluids
  • You protect the environment by purchasing a product without packaging
  • Refilling is done by a petrol station attendant
  • It saves your time

OPTI washer fluid is environmentally friendly

As a socially responsible company, we give special priority to environmental protection.

Our goal is a minimum environmental impact and a small step in that direction is providing OPTI washer fluid without plastic packaging, but refilling it directly into the car.

Additionally, OPTI washer fluid has a pleasant smell and contains no methyl alcohol which is hazardous to health.

Pour and pay for OPTI screen wash via the Drive.Go app

In addition to buying fuel, you can also pay for OPTI screen wash with the Drive.Go app. After refueling and paying, you can also refill OPTI screen wash at our petrol stations, scan a special QR code on the OPTI refill dispenser and pay the bill via Drive.Go app.

At which stations is OPTI screen wash available?

  • Gazprom Blok 66, Bulevar Heroja sa Košara b.b, Novi Beograd
  • NIS Petrol Tošin bunar, Tošin bunar b.b, Novi Beograd
  • Gazprom Stari Banovci, Highway Beograd – Novi Sad, Stari Banovci
  • Gazprom Novi Sad 16, Highway Novi Sad – Beograd, Novi Sad