Optimum-quality petrol in accordance with the latest EU standards

OPTI gasoline is 95-octane fuel enhanced with additives. The standard gasoline is enhanced with a high-performance additives to obtain the fuel which, when used on a regular basis, contributes to reduced fuel consumption, less frequent engine failures, and optimum engine protection.

Optimal fuel consumption

OPTI gasoline can help you optimize consumption and save money in the long run. This fuel reduces the engine restart time by providing the engine with sufficient power to achieve the optimum engine speed.

It is worth mentioning that economical fuel consumption depends on a number of other factors, so the amount of savings depends the condition of the tyres, vehicle load, driving style and other parameters.

Benefits of OPTI gasoline

Reduced fuel consumption

Optimum engine protection

Longer engine life


Optimum engine protection


A careful selection of additives ensures a product of optimum performance, which, among other things, helps remove impurities from the engine. Other additive components also have a beneficial effect on engine operation, by reducing friction between metal parts and, as a result, reducing wear and tear. This combination helps extend the engine life.

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