Your digital card is always with you

The mobile app is a digitalised Sa nama na putu loyalty card that ensures that your card for collecting and using bonus points is always on you.

Good overview and easy to use

By using the Sa nama na putu mobile app, you can check at any given moment the following:
  • Card level
  • Spending in the current month
  • Number of bonus points collected
  • Overview of all transactions
If you have an Sa nama na putu loyalty card, the following information is also available to you:
  • Approved limit according to the card level
  • Card balance (spent, reserved and available funds)

Map of petrol stations

The mobile app includes a map of all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, as well as filters to ensure easier and faster browsing. Take advantage of the fastest way to find the nearest petrol station to refuel.

Collect and spend bonus points using QR code and ensure major savings

Scanning the QR code is easy and simple:

Open the Sa nama na putu application

Generate a QR CODE by pressing the button

Read the generated QR CODE at the cash register

Your transaction has been successfully completed