Great discount for a break with taste

Visit our newly opened Gazprom petrol station Sokolići on the Miloš Veliki highway, and take a break at the Drive Cafe restaurant with great benefits! You and your employees can expect 20% discount on sandwiches and hot-dogs with our NIS Gazprom card.

Whether you are traveling for business or private in any direction of our country, Drive Cafe restaurants are waiting for you in more than 300 locations. Enjoy top quality Italian coffee, as well as other hot and cold beverages, delicious specialties and French pastries.

Drive Cafe restaurants will make your every trip, be it short or long, a unique adventure to remember.

To activate this service on your NIS Gazprom card, contact your personal manager or the Call Center by dialing 0800-008-888.

See you at Gazprom Sokolići 1 petrol station!

It is time for spring dolly-up!

We have prepared a super 10% discount on all items from the range of car cosmetics with your NIS Gazprom card – from fragrances for vehicles to cleaning and polishing products.

Clean windshield and headlights, additional washing liquid, quality wipers and many other little things do not require much effort, and the ride will certainly be not only more comfortable and pleasant, but above all safer.

To activate this service on your NIS Gazprom card, contact your personal manager or the Call Center by calling 0800-008-888.

Deserved refreshment with constant discounts

Get a super discount of 20% on Drive Cafe coffee and Jazak water of your choice at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

The wide range of Drive Cafe flavours offers you a large selection of premium quality coffee drinks. The varieties that are part of Drive Cafe are roasted separately, thus giving us all the fullness of taste and the maximum aroma that adorns each of its cups. Don’t miss a great opportunity to taste coffee of proven geographical origin prepared according to the traditional Italian recipe, with a big discount provided for you and your employees.

In addition, there is a completely natural Fruška Gora water Jazak at your disposal, which comes from the oldest national park, enriched with a true harmony of minerals. Make a combination of Drive Cafe coffee and Fruška Gora Jazak water to your liking and enjoy the perfect refreshment.

Visit NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations and make this great benefit with your fuel card!

True savings

Visit NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations and make great savings with your NIS Gazprom card. You and your employees get a 10% discount on personal hygiene products – paper or wet wipes and antibacterial gel.

Days on the road can become tiring, and the obligations and time spent in the car can keep us away from basic sources of cleanliness like washing hands. A wide range of products at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations offers you a solution to this problem as well. With your fuel card you get a 10% discount on paper and wet wipes, as well as antibacterial gels. Provide basic hygiene to yourself or your employees while saving money.