Enjoy driving with our premium fuel

Provide your car with high quality fuel, which provides extra energy.

Feel the superiority in every moment of driving with the added power of our G-Drive premium fuel.

More efficient engine operation,
better performance

G-Drive 100 contains active components that enable engine’s more efficient operation, improve its performance and have a positive effect on its correctness and longevity.

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formula racing

Meet our sports team

The G-Drive Racing sports team competes in world endurance races using G-Drive fuel during preparation and testing, allowing the vehicle’s engine performance to be tested in extreme conditions.

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More power, more security

G-Drive diesel fuel contributes to improved engine start-up. It is reliable and stable even in winter conditions in very low temperatures. With more power and more safety, it will turn your driving into a unique experience.

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G-Drive products

Replenished your energy at any moment

Let every moment of your ride be filled with energy with our G-Drive products.
g drive energy drink can

Energy drinks

Try flavors full of extra energy for unforgettable enjoyment on every trip. The right choice for long and short rides. Learn more
g drive gums strawberry taste

G-Drive energy chewing gum and candy

Feel the energy in the little things. Try all our combinations and replenish yourself with energy at all times. Learn more
G-Drive Protein bars

Protein bars

Every day, our body needs a combination of nutrients for normal functioning, and proteins are important among them. They build our muscles and provide us with extra energy, just like G-Drive protein bars that contain a high percentage of protein, no added sugar and no gluten. Learn more
G-Drive Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

The offer of coffee at our petrol stations has become richer with three new G-Drive Iced Coffee drinks. The iced combination of coffee and creamy milk is the perfect way to refresh yourself both on the road and at our place. Learn more
g drive glass water

Glass cleaners

Provide crystal clear visibility in summer and winter driving conditions with G-Drive auto glass. Learn more
g drive car battery


G-Drive reliable batteries will provide your car with safety and excellent starting power. Learn more


Use G-Drive AdBlue liquid to reduce harmful exhaust emissions and to make your drive environmentally friendly. Learn more
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