No need for service and going to the electrician

Car batteries are manufactured in Johnson Controls factories, and it is the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries using the most modern world technology.

G-Drive batteries will give your car a better start and a safer ride for you. Calcium / Calcium and Power Frame technology involves production in a closed box, without plugs, which is why G-Drive car batteries do not need service.

30 months warranty
g drive car battery 12V 45AH D+

G-Drive 12V 45AH D+

g drive car battery 12V 45AH L+

G-Drive 12V 45AH L+

g drive car battery 12V 56AH L+

G-Drive 12V 56AH L+

g drive car battery 12V 56AH D+

G-Drive 12V 56AH D+

g drive car battery 12V 74AH D+

G-Drive12V 74AH D+

g drive car battery 12V 95AH D+

G-Drive 12V 95AH D+

G-Drive passenger car batteries are ideal for both older and newer generation vehicles

With 30 months warranty, they represent a good ratio of price, warranty period and quality.

Details of the warranty conditions can be found in the warranty card that accompanies each G-Drive battery.



  • 30-months warranty
  • No additional maintenance
  • Extremely good price
  • Palette of passenger batteries
  • Optimally adjusted power for older and newer vehicles