At our petrol stations, we invest special attention and a lot of love in creating top-quality flavors and meals.

From this great love and dedication arises our great offer of food, which you can enjoy on every trip.


Large selection of packaged or hand-made sandwiches with quality and delicious ingredients.

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The offer of juicy burgers for all traveling gastronomes.

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The dish that has conquered the whole world is conquering the roads all over Serbia, bit by bit.

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Delicious, fresh and fragrant French pastries for the best start to your day.

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Packaged croissants

Always fresh, juicy and creamy, packaged Drive Cafe croissants are a great choice for a quick meal that can be with you wherever you are.

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Four crunchy companions that bring a lot of fun to your journey.

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Raw bars

When you need an extra dose of energy, take no added sugar raw bar.

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You need something healthy and delicious, and you need it quickly? Our potage is the right choice for you.

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At NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, you can find a huge number of top quality coffees, iced coffee ideal for refreshment on hot days, squeezed juices, but also coffee that you can prepare and enjoy at your homes.


Top quality coffee with a proven geographical origin prepared according to an Italian recipe.

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Canned coffee

Prepare top-quality coffee at home, whether you are a fan of traditional or espresso coffee.

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Squeezed juices

Enjoy the selection of freshly squeezed juices and enrich your day with a dose of vitamins.

Iced coffee

You need something refreshing? Intense flavour, irresistible aroma and perfect temperature make ice coffee the right choice for your summer pause.

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In addition to a large selection of food and beverages, at our petrol stations you can also find products that make every trip easier, such as those items for personal hygiene.

Paper tissues

Do not let anything surprise you on the road, let hygiene always be at your fingertips.

Large pack of paper tissues - Classic

Economical packaging of Drive Cafe paper tissues convenient for each of your trips.

Large pack of paper tissues - Menthol

Large packaging of Drive Cafe Menthol wipes for cleanliness and savings.

Wet wipes

Take care of hygiene with refreshing scents and freshness brought by Drive Cafe wet wipes.

Large pack of wet wipes

Large package for large trips - Drive Cafe wet wipes in a large package of 60 pieces.