Make G-Drive 100 as your first choice

Provide your car with more reliable and efficient power while driving with the G-Drive 100.

The G-Drive 100 contains active components that enable more efficient operation of the engine, improve its performance and have a positive effect on its correctness and longevity. Manufactured to the highest technological standards, the G-Drive 100 will provide the engine with professional protection and a safer and more exciting ride for you.

Improved engine performance

The G-Drive 100 features state-of-the-art active components that give your vehicle extra power, better acceleration and professional protection. The special formula of this fuel prolongs the life of your engine and contributes to reducing the possibility of failures.

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Increase in engine power


The unique thermostable fuel component - friction modifier, creates a protective layer between the piston and the cylinder in the engine, which reduces the coefficient of friction, improves engine dynamics and stimulates an increase in engine power. With the synergy of 100 octane and active cleaning and lubrication additives, the engine gains extra power and driving becomes more exciting.

Improved engine dynamics


The reduction in engine friction caused by the friction modifier contained in the additive complex results in an improvement in the vehicle's dynamic characteristics. This allows for stronger acceleration at high speeds, which is crucial when overtaking on the highway.

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Increase in torque


High octane value and reduction of the coefficient of friction affect the increase of torque in a wide range of revolutions per minute. This additional improvement helps when driving on slopes.

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Tested in the UK

Milbrook Proving Ground is one of the largest vehicle testing centers and is located in Milbrook, England. Founded in the 1960s, the center encompasses vehicle testing and development facilities, including those for vehicle and system assessment, plant development and safety tests. Tests in Millbrook confirm all allegations regarding G-Drive 100 fuel mentioned on this page.

Professional engine protection

The G-Drive 100 provides the engine with first-class corrosion protection and prevents the formation of emulsions. In addition, the G-Drive 100 removes dirt from the engine and provides optimum power.

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G-Drive 100 for a clean engine

With regular use of any fuel, dirt builds up on the engine. As a result of this process, the engine becomes “congested”, and it is no longer able to work at optimal full power. These deposits are harmful and can cause malfunctions in the long run. With regular use of G-Drive 100 fuel, dirt deposits on the intake valves are reduced by up to six times.4

First-class corrosion protection

Water molecules that can be found in the fuel system of every vehicle, they react with its metal parts and can lead to their damage over time. The G-Drive 100 fuel additive complex contains a special component that prevents corrosion in all parts of the fuel system and provides your vehicle with the highest class of protection.


The special fuel component G-Drive 100 prevents the formation of an emulsion of water and oil that can occur in the fuel system due to changes in temperature during the winter and lead to a deterioration in engine performance. Demulsification ensures that your vehicle and engine function smoothly throughout the year.

1With G-Drive 100 fuel, after 1,000 kilometers travelled in VW Golf 1.6FSI at 6,000 rpm, compared to standard Euro BMB 95 petrol.

2With G-Drive 100 fuel, after 500 kilometers in VW Golf 1.6FSI at a speed of 115-125 km / h, compared to standard Euro BMB 95 petrol.

3With G-Drive 100 fuel, after 1,000 kilometers in VW Golf 1.6FSI at 4,000-6,000 rpm, compared to standard Euro BMB 95 petrol.

4Results confirmed by testing on a Mercedes-Benz M111 engine at Millbrook Independent Research Center.

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