Power that comes
from nature

When the journey is long or the city hustle and bustle takes its toll, boost yourself with the clean energy you’ll find at Drive Cafe raw bars.

Fruits and grains combine raw energy and refreshing exotic flavors – for every step in which you need healthy and nutritious, and a short break.

Raw bar - extra energy on the go

Energy treats that contain simple and natural ingredients raise energy levels and restore the strength we need. At NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, you will find four different mixes of delicious raw energy, enriched with exotic fruits, cocoa, coconut or orange.

A delicious blend of exoticism and energy

The combination of coconut and cocoa will attract you with the refreshing aromas of tropical regions. We present to you a healthy source of calories and energy from completely natural ingredients.

drive cafe raw bar coconut and cocoa taste

A strong wave of tropical flavors

Raw bar passion fruit and coconut is a natural source of healthy energy that comes from coconut, passion fruit and dates, which make up as much as 65% of this energy bar.

drive cafe raw bar maracuja and coconut

An explosion of taste and strength

Cocoa beans, cocoa powder and dates in as much as 73% of this raw bar, are a real treat for those who enjoy the sharpness of the cocoa taste. This raw bar is one of the purest forms of chocolate you can find on the market.

drive cafe raw bars cocoa taste

The Intensity of Peanut Refined with Salty Caramel

If you want to enrich your day with extra energy that will bring a perfect balance, the new fantastic combination of crunchy peanuts and refined salty caramel is for you.

Whatever taste you choose, you will not go wrong.
Join us at NIS Petrol and Gazprom fuel stations and in addition to clean and quality energy for your car, find some energy for yourself.