Euro diesel in line with European quality standards

European-quality diesel produced according to the latest technological standards in the Pančevo Oil Refinery.

This fuel stands out both on the domestic and regional markets owing to its characteristics and high values of quality parameters such as cetane rating.


Excellent start at low temperatures

The dewaxing process, which ensures the best winter properties of Euro diesel, makes the Pančevo Oil Refinery the leading producer of winter Euro diesel in the region.

European manufacturing standard

The extremely low percentages of sulphur and impurities are the most recognizable characteristics of Euro diesel manufactured in the country, and place it at the very top of the European-quality diesel fuels.

The content of sulphur, which is extremely harmful to the environment because it forms sulphur dioxide during combustion, causing acid rains and corrosion in the engine, generally ranges from 1-2 mg/kg in the case of Euro diesel produced in our Pančevo Refinery, while the maximum is 10 mg/kg.

By comparison, most European manufacturers produce Euro diesel with the sulphur content ranging from 7-10 mg/kg.


Benefits of our Euro diesel

Improved engine stability

Safe operation in winter conditions

Low sulphur content

Reliable and quiet engine operation

The high-quality formulation contributes to faster starting and steady combustion process. In such conditions, the engine has excellent startability and it runs quieter, with lower vibrations, directly affecting your driving experience.


Experience the effects after the first refuelling

The high cetin rating of Euro diesel has a positive impact on more efficient combustion, resulting in a more efficient fuel consumption and increased engine power.


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