Compressed natural gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG), popularly known as methane, is natural gas utilized as an energy-generating product in industry or as motor fuel for vehicles.

The use of CNG fuel can bring significant savings, even up to 50%, depending on the vehicle.

Why is methane CNG the right choice?

✓ It's cost-effective – you will make considerable savings compared to standard fuels.
✓ Environmental protection – because it reduced emissions of harmful gases.
✓ Power – because it is a propellant with the highest calorific value.
✓ Easier start – because its physical state ensures better start and driving performance.

Advantages of methane CNG


Environmental protection

Power and easier start

Can I use CNG?

Apart from vehicles with factory fitted tanks and CNG engines, a subsequent conversion is possible for all vehicles, regardless of the type and fuel previously used: gasoline, diesel or LPG.

Types of natural gas powered vehicles

1. Designated

These vehicles are powered by natural gas exclusively.

2.”Bi fuel”

Bi-fuel applies to passenger vehicles using gasoline as motor fuel, whereat the vehicle is powered by CNG with a possibility of using gasoline as back-up fuel. This mode enables savings of up to 50%.

3.”Dual fuel”

This technology applies to different vehicle types using diesel as primary fuel. Dual fuel is combined blending of diesel and CNG in a specific proportion, directly leading to lower diesel consumption and savings even up to 35%.

Where can I refuel CNG?

The following NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations offer methane CNG:

  • Gazprom PS Žarkovo 2, Trgovačka 91, Čukarica, Belgrade
  • Gazprom PS Blok 45, Jurija Gagarina b.b, Novi Beograd
  • NIS Petrol PS Novi Sad 10, Sentandrejski put b.b, Novi Sad
  • NIS Petrol PS Čačak 1, Ulica 10 b.b, Čačak
  • NIS Petrol PS Ledena stena, Dimitrija Tucovića b.b, Niš

NOTIFICATION: Methane CNG is temporarily unavailable at NIS Petrol PS Žarkovo 2.

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