Start and use the NIS Agro Card easily:

Activate the account by entering the farm number and a valid mobile phone number
Generate and save the PIN code
Find the nearest NIS Petrol or Gazprom petrol station
Generate a QR CODE and show it at the cash register during each transaction
Have insight in all your transactions

NIS Agro Card
is always with you

The NIS Agro Card Mobile Application is the digitized NIS Agro program for registered agricultural holdings. Simply download the NIS Agro Card Mobile Application at hand wherever you go.

Discover the ease of use

The new mobile application makes it easy to use the benefits of the NIS Agro program directly from your mobile phone. When making a purchase, load the QR code at the checkout and your transaction is registered.

Enable better visibility

The options within the mobile app provide neat tracking of spending. Insight into completed transactions is easier and faster with the possibility of selecting the appropriate period in the calendar.

Find the nearest
NIS Petrol and Gazprom
petrol station

The NIS Agro card mobile application contains a map of all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations. With a quick search, find out the opening hours, as well as the route to the nearest gas station.