Petrol in line with European quality standards

Euro premium BMB 95 is a top-quality fuel available on NIS Petrol stations.

It is the best choice for all new-generation cars, given that it protects both the environment and the vehicle itself.

Guaranted quality

Euro premium BMB 95 is unleaded petrol with a minimum octane rating of 95, produced in the Pančevo Oil Refinery in accordance with all the requirements of the European EN 228 petrol quality standard.

It stands out from fuels of our competitors owing to the value of the most important characteristic of petrol – its octane number, which is mainly around 96, an extraordinary value given that the minimum research octane number is 95.

Benefits of BMB 95 petrol

Longer vehicle roadworthiness and exploitation period

Easier engine start in all seasons

Reduced exhaust gas emissions and contribution to protection of the environment

Distillation properties

Component parts of distilled fractions are essential for good engine performance in different operating conditions.
A proper proportion of these fractions facilitates cold start of the engine, improves heating and acceleration of the engine.

Vapour pressure

Vapour pressure of petrol varies depending on the season.
Vapour pressure defines fuel volatility, which affects proper starting of the engine in different seasons.

Reduced sulphur content

Reduced sulphur content enables engine operation in a less corrosive environment, which positively affects the longer roadworthiness and exploitation of the vehicle and also decreases the exhaust gas emissions. The low sulphur value is less than half of the allowed limit.

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