Enjoy a break with taste

When you want to take a break and gather energy to continue the day, we recommend the so-called Drive Cafe intermezzo – a short, aromatic and healthy break.

In addition to a large selection of snacks, salty and sweet pastries, we offer a large selection of delicious, fresh and lovingly made sandwiches at selected petrol stations.

sandwiches on a plate

Delicious sandwiches for the perfect trip

At NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations you can find two types of sandwiches – packaged Drive Cafe sandwiches and freshly prepared sandwiches.

Packed sandwiches made of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients are prepared in special sandwich machines. They always promise the same, proven quality. We make freshly prepared sandwiches every day, with equal dedication and love for every bite. Always richly filled and warm.

The offer is really wide – we leave the choice to you.

One thing is for sure – there’s no going wrong with Drive Cafe sandwiches.

Panini sandwiches

Always a delicious meal in three famous variations – Panini sandwiches.

A distinctive combination of turkey ham and cheese, beef combined with cheddar cheese and chicken with sharp blue cheese – packed and ready to fill your journey with aromas.


Panini with turkey ham
and cheese


Panini with beef
and Cheddar cheese


Panini with chicken
and blue cheese

Tost sandwiches

Toast sandwiches, packaged to stay fresh and juicy, hide three irresistible flavors.

Turkey ham with masdamer cheese on wheat bread, beef with mustard on wheat bread and a sandwich with tuna and corn – these are all bites that you will inevitably come back to.


Turkey sandwich with turkey ham and Maasdam cheese
on wheat bread


Roast beef sandwich with mustard on wheat bread


Tuna and
corn sandwich


Baguette pastry with crispy chicken sticks – a taste you can almost hear!

A packaged baguette sandwich promises a rich and nutritious meal at any time of the day.


Baguette chicken sticks

Handmade sandwiches

Another type of sandwich – freshly prepared sandwiches, you can find at 13 gas stations across the country. We make them every day, choose and carefully combine the ingredients, and guarantee their freshness, quality and rich taste.

A wide range of flavors awaits you – warm, fragrant and juicy at all times.


Ham and cheese sandwich


Cream and pechenitsa sandwich


Italian prosciutto sandwich


Salmon sandwich with cream cheese


Turkey ham sandwich and Emmentaler


Turkey ham sandwich and goat cheese


Caprese sandwich


Sandwich 4 types of cheese

Packaged or handmade sandwiches - the choice is your and it is up to us to provide each of your adventures with an unexpected gastronomic experience.

Petrol stations where you can find sandwiches: