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The winners of the G-Drive gift campaign of the NIS company visited Saint Petersburg

The winners of the trips organised by the NIS company under the G-Drive gift campaign at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations travelled to Saint Petersburg for a three-day visit.

During November, NIS prepared special surprises for all consumers who chose to buy premium G-Drive fuel at selected NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, and beside twenty gift trips to the northern capital of Russia, the extensive gift fund included more than a hundred thousand presents, such as electronic devices: ten laptops, ten tablets and many other valuable gifts.

The trip-winning coupons were drawn at NIS petrol stations in Smederevo, Belgrade, Krusevac, Vranje, Užice, Bačka Palanka, Kikinda, Mladenovac, Jagodina, Šabac, Niš and Valjevo, and while staying in St. Petersburg, the lucky winners had the opportunity to get acquainted with the captain of the Serbian national football team and the first team player of the domestic FC “Zenit”, Branislav Ivanović, as well as to watch the national championship match played by the popular local team against FC “Ural” from the VIP box of the spectacular St. Petersburg’s Arena.

NIS premium G-Drive fuels are produced to the highest technological standards, out of domestic high-quality Euro-5 oil products to which additive packages made by renowned world manufacturers are later added. Compared to standard gasoline and Euro Diesel, the new generation G-Drive fuels provide more efficient combustion and thus generate greater power, better starting and more stable engine operation. Thanks to the active components of the latest generation, a 100-octane G-Drive 100 and premium G-Drive Diesel provide not only improved engine performance but also professional protection of the entire fuel system, thus extending the engine’s life.

For more information on the advantages of premium G-Drive fuels, visit G-Drive pages. In addition, the NIS call centre with telephone number 0800 008 888 is available to customers. This is a toll-free phone number for the callers.

Additional information:
NIS premium G-Drive fuels are available to consumers at Gazprom and NIS Petrol petrol stations across Serbia and the region, offering high-quality fuels produced to the highest European standards, a wide additional product assortment and a rich choice of related services.


Welcoming the winner of the "G-Drive leads to Zenit"