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Another petrol station becoming part of the Gazprom network

The network of Gazprom petrol stations was expanded by yet another retail facility. It is a petrol station in Vojvode Mišića bb in Niš – the NIS’s twentieth petrol station under the Gazprom premium brand.

​Consumers have at their disposal high-quality oil products of domestic origin produced to comply with Euro-5 Standard, such as premium G-Drive fuel of the new generation, as well as an LPG of improved quality produced in Pančevo Oil Refinery. The rebranded petrol station awaits its consumers with all the benefits of the enhanced Sa nama na putu Loyalty Program, including the option to defer payment of fuel and additional product assortment for up to 45 days. In addition to top-quality fuel, consumers can expect a rich selection of consumer goods, free wireless, as well as a pleasant ambience of Drive Cafe, a new NIS sales concept with a great gastronomic offer.

On this occasion, Branko Radujko, Director of the Retail Directorate of NIS, said:

It is my great pleasure to stand before you on behalf of NIS Company in Niš - the city we are always happy to return to, a place where many good things have been taking place lately. Today, we are pleased to open a petrol station under a premium brand of Gazprom, to provide you with an excellent offer of top quality fuel of domestic origin and an excellent selection of consumer goods. NIS will not stop there - the city is growing, we are growing as well, always striving to make sure that the consumers, after only one visit, keep returning. In addition to standard and G-Drive premium fuels, we also offer our customers improved OPTI fuels, thus showing our readiness to improve products and offer from day to day to enhance the consumer experience.

By opening the rebranded premium retail store in Niš, the company created 14 new jobs. Employing a total of 254 people in Niš, NIS has confirmed the status of one of the leading employers in the domestic market.

The Mayor of the City of Niš, Darko Bulatović, asserted:

“It is important to say that with the opening a Gazprom petrol station, NIS has created new jobs. For the City of Niš, it is a large and vital company that provides significant funding for various projects to fulfil many needs, primarily those of our citizens. The City of Nis fully supports the efforts of NIS, wishing to continue mutual cooperation throughout the year as well. The newly opened petrol station offers amenities which this city needs. This is also an incentive for all other companies to invest and contribute to the development of our city.”

The opening of the Gazprom petrol station was traditionally celebrated by the donation of fuel to institutions of public importance – the ambulance vehicle in Niš was fully loaded with fuel.

Additional information

Gazprom petrol stations stand for a modern retail network, operating on four markets of Southeast Europe with more than 90 facilities that offer high-quality products and services to consumers in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a premium retail segment of the NIS Company, which manages a network of more than 400 petrol stations across Serbia and the region.