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Janko, Sandra, and Marjan – on the road to success

“Working at a petrol station is dynamic and exciting” is often said by colleagues who work at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, and we have tried to convey their impressions in more detail.

We talked with Janko Grdinić, a petrol station attendant from Belgrade, Sandra Jović from Niš, who works as a cashier, but also with Marjan Mančević, a territorial manager for the South region.

Janko has been with the company for over eight years and during that time he has become a valued member of the team. He currently works as a petrol station attendant, and he is known for his enthusiasm and dedication to the job. Is the job at NIS petrol station the first Janko’s job? No, it isn’t!

I started my career as a carpenter, but after the birth of my child and the desire to spend as much time with my family as possible, I decided to try to apply for a job at the NIS petrol station.

Janko, NIS Petrol station attendant

This bold change of working environment was the right move for Janko. Janko approaches tasks with “I can do it” attitude and with great dedication. He takes his responsibilities seriously and always does his best. He is reliable and consistent in his work, thus earning the trust and respect of colleagues and superiors.

However, what surprised him was how much he enjoys working with customers.

  • Many customers come to NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations every day and I approach everyone in a polite and helpful manner. Over time, I’ve realized that I really like communicating with people and that this job makes me feel positive and puts a smile on my face. Based on my experience, I even recommended NIS to my wife, she applied, and, to the mutual satisfaction, we are now long-time colleagues in the company – Janko tells with a smile.

What gives Janko additional satisfaction are the benefits for all employees at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations. What he particularly highlights is:

  • Free sports and recreational activities
  • New Year’s presents (vouchers) for children
  • Staying in spas and mountain centres in Serbia

Unlike Janko, Sandra has been part of the company for about two years, and she chose this job because of her desire for new challenges and changes in her life. Although she is young, she already had the experience of working in retail and admits that it helped her master the new job. However, she believes that the advantage of working at NIS is precisely the fact that previous experience is not necessary and crucial.

I recommended to my friends to apply for the positions of the cashier and petrol station attendant for several reasons that, personally, helped me in making the decision to continue my career at NIS: the salary is really good, the working hours suit me, but the benefits the company provides mean a lot to me, too, and everyone has the opportunity to meet a lot of new people.

Sandra, NIS Petrol cashier.

From the moment Sandra joined the team, she immediately stood out as someone with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to her colleagues, and she strives to make customers satisfied with the service at our petrol station. As a young person, she generates a large number of new ideas and is not afraid to share her thoughts on how we can improve our business or create a better experience for our customers.

Before starting work at NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations, all employees must undergo the training process. Both Janko and Sandra think that the training process is interesting.

– After sending my CV, successful preliminary interview, and a few paperwork formalities, I attended a very inspiring five-day training – says Janko.

Sandra adds that your work experience actually starts from the first day of training.

– It’s a training course that I would recommend to anyone interested in this type of work. It’s worth a try, why not. You get everything in one place – in a special room, there is a small version of a petrol station, and we played customers and sellers to each other and rehearsed different scenarios. It’s so easy to learn and it’s so much fun – says Sandra.

At the very end, Marjan Mančević also shared his story with us. He is currently working on the position of a territorial manager for the South region. Marjan has progressed in his career from a cashier to a territorial manager. It is a testimony that dedication and hard work can lead to success in any field you choose.

Initially, his job was to serve consumers at the cash register and provide assistance to them. He quickly realized that he enjoyed the job and wanted to move up. Marjan’s strong work ethic and positive attitude attracted the attention of his superiors, who saw the potential in him and offered him a promotion to become a petrol station manager. As a manager, Marjan took on additional responsibilities such as managing inventory, deploying staff, and ensuring that the station meets all safety standards.

Marjan’s efforts and dedication as a petrol station manager did not go unnoticed and he was soon offered a promotion to the position of a territorial manager. As a territorial manager, Marjan is responsible for overseeing several petrol stations for the South region. This position requires excellent communication and organizational skills. His job is to manage multiple teams, create schedules, and develop strategies to increase sales and reduce costs.

Apply and take the road to success with us!

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