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On the road with us to Zlatibor

The mountain in the very heart of Serbia is alive all the year round: with its numerous activities you can “recharge batteries” and get a full-scale “anti-stress therapy” your body will be thankful for!

Zlatibor is 230 km away from Belgrade, 330 km from Novi Sad and 250 km from Niš. Due to this location, Zlatibor is easily accessible to tourists from all over Serbia.

Zlatibor enjoys numerous advantages – favourable climate and clean mountain air, beautiful nature, excellent sports and recreation facilities, adrenaline offer, lots of swimming options in summer, and ski slopes in winter, as well as traditional hospitality and unchangeably good Serbian cuisine.

In addition, Zlatibor offers numerous accommodation options, whether you want to be right in the centre or a little far off if you prefer peace and quiet.

Zlatibor is an air spa, as you know, winds intersect here from all four sides making it a perfect source of fresh air. Whoever comes here is filled with red blood cells, becomes strong and healthy and comes back home in a good mood

Bojan Šukilović says, the owner of the “Professional” ski school in Zlatibor.

Skiing and sledding in Zlatibor

Tornik ski centre, on the highest peak of the mountain (1,496 m), offers several trails for professionals, as well as beginners and children who start their learning journey. Tornik has five ski slopes varying in length and difficulty (the most difficult “black” trails, several “red” ones and two easier “blue” trails).


On the road with us to Zlatibor

At the foot of the ski resort, you can rent all the equipment necessary for winter sports – skis, sleds, snowmobiles, snowboards… At the top of Tornik, you can enjoy a break in the cafes, have a hot beverage and then again – off to the slopes!

In the centre of Zlatibor there is another ski resort Obudojević, a perfect fit for children and beginners. One of the schools offering services to those willing to learn to ski is “Professional” whose owner Bojan Šukilović told us that about 20 instructors train candidates aged 3,5 years old and above.

“How long does it take to learn to ski?”, we asked Bojan.

“It takes a beginner five hours of skiing on the practice ground and ski lifts. During these five hours of training you can master basic ski skills – parallel bend, and then you can go to a ski lift and practice parallel techniques on trails…Basically, it is easier to work with children. Adults are a little rigid, inhibited, so it’s much easier to work with kids, they accept authority more easily”, says Bojan Šukilović.

Walking tours, excursions, activities for children, adrenaline sports

Zlatibor offers visitors numerous opportunities to rest actively and enjoy the fresh mountain air. First of all, guests can go for a walk on one of many hiking trails, the most famous of them leads to Šamatny hill with a stone monument – an obelisk to the wounded partisans. This place is one of Zlatibor’s most beautiful lookouts offering a breathtaking view of the Čigota hill.

If you are an adventurous spirit, you can head towards large expansive meadows and pastures and embark on long walks through oasis of pristine nature. One of such places is the weekend resort of Vodice, the most popular picnic spot whose fairytale beauty will leave you breathless.

If you like challenges, we recommend sledding (in winter) and quad-riding (possible in winter, in spring and in summer).

Horse-riding, riding a carriage

A young vet Bogdan Milinković, after studies in Belgrade, tried to stay in Serbia’s capital with his Belgrade-born wife. But something was missing… Cramped in the apartment, he was longing for what he was used to – space.

He decided to come back to where he came from – Zlatibor. He now owns a horse-riding school, and if you decide to take a romantic carriage ride around Zlatibor, you can find them in the centre of Zlatibor, above the market.

In fact, Bogdan continued the work of his ancestors. He has 13 hill and mountain horses crossbred with notable breeds suitable for riding and Zlatibor terrain. He also traced a route from Zlatibor to Mokra Gora for those willing to try the experience of John Wayne or other famous cowboys.

It is an expensive sport and it requires help, you have to navigate lots of facts and circumstances to facilitate its development. Scientists have proved that horses have a favourable impact on adults, children, social skills, motor functions, and they nurture the feeling of taking care of someone

Bogdan says adding that people from big cities enjoy horseback riding here.

He recommends riding in warmer months, even though it is also possible in winter. There is also a carriage ride. Some decide on a ride in a horse-pulled carriage to complete their engagement, others get a carriage leaving a cafe.

Kristijan Radović, a 12-year-old fellow from this area, is a part of this horse-riding team. He has been around horses and has been taking care of them since he started to walk. He has two – Whirlwind and Pearl. Sometimes, to his friends’ joy, he comes to school on horseback.

My days are filled with horses... The first obligation is to feed them, give them water and groom them. My horses are called Whirlwind and Pearl, these two go in a carriage every day. I’ve been with them ever since i was born, they listen to me, we play and have fun together

this charming boy tells us, who, unlike many of his peers, knows what he will do in life.

Work with horses!

We ask him what tourists interested in a carriage ride say or do when they see him behind the reins.

They are started and surprised to see someone so young but I tell them that I have taken many-many people for a ride

Kristijan replies with a smile.

Specialties of Zlatibor

When you are in Zlatibor, its’ a sin not to try local specialties, and many of them deserve a special mention. Zlatibor’s traditional dining table is unimaginable without cheese and kajmak, freshly baked komplet lepinja, beef and pork prosciutto, cracklings, cheese pie, roast lamb and trout. Of course, it has to be washed down with something, and if you like rakija you are in the right spot to try a homemade plum variety (but don’t overdo!)

One of the most authentic local specialties is undoubtedly komplet lepinja, a flat bun with everything in it. Komplet lepinja is prepared by mixing young kajmak from Zlatibor and eggs, then baking it lightly and pouring the melt over.

Prosciutto – the queen of Zlatibor’s dining table

If you are a fan of dried meat specialties, there is no dilemma in Zlatibor – your choice is Mačkat, 24 km from the centre of Zlatibor. This Zlatibor village is considered to be the home of the top quality beef and pork prosciutto, bacon and sausage in the whole of Serbia. During our stay in the area, we were lucky to visit the “Prosciutto festival”, a traditional event where under a big tent you are confronted with a tormenting choice – how to select a fine piece of dried beef and pork in this overwhelming ocean of smells?

What do you need for good prosciutto?

Good raw materials, good grazing, quality food, quality processing and drying. You put together all these ingredients, add practice, experience, years-long tradition, and that’s it. The whole process takes a month and a half to two months, from slaughter, pickling, drying, ripening to sale. So at least, a month and a half. Beef prosciutto must be moderately salted. No unsalted meat can be dried. Salt is the main substance protecting the meat from spoiling and extending its consumption period

Miloš Radovanović, one of the exhibitors says.
If you miss the “Prosciutto festival” in Mačkat, don’t worry, prosciutto is available in many places. Just knock on the door of any host.

Come to Zlatibor, visit any small producer, there is no bad prosciutto here

that’s our interlocutor’s simple advice.

This is our Serbia, beautiful, rich in historical heritage and magnificent nature, it seems to tell us that we have something to keep, something to truly enjoy and be proud of.

So travel with us, travel after us, visit Serbia, explore its treasures. And in two weeks we will take you on a new adventure.

Useful tips for your trip

  • Bring along a variety of clothes, in the daytime in winter the temperature can go up to 15 °C but in the nighttime it can drop to 10-15°C below zero.
  • Due to a growing number of tourists from year to year, streets of Zlatibor are crowded. So be careful about pedestrians and where you park your car.
  • It goes without saying that you don’t go on a trip without your camera, there are many beautiful landscapes for you to photograph and capture.