NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations are coming to you

Order products from our petrol stations at anytime by simply using the Glovo application. Your order will reach you in only 30 minutes, and you can track it from the moment the delivery person picks it up from the petrol station.


Enjoy Drive Cafe products

Are you hungry, or do you just want to grab a bite, or do you maybe want a refreshment? Order products from our Drive Cafe over the Glovo app. Delicious sandwiches, unforgettable Drive Cafe snacks, G-Drive energy drinks with powerful flavors, as well as premium Drive Cafe Ice coffee will reach you in only 30 minutes. The naturally good Jazak water is also here, as well as several kinds of soft drinks and spirits.


Order products from our Auto world

Get ready for each of your big or small trips. Order lubricants and liquids for your car, as well as car bulbs, wiper kit, car cosmetics, powerful G-Drive batteries and much more.

The list of petrol stations that do online delivery:

Download the Glovo app and enjoy Drive Cafe products or order products from our Auto world

To products from our petrol stations in just 30 minutes

It is not possible to use “Sa nama na putu” loyalty card with Glovo delivery.