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Regular supply at NIS petrol stations

NIS Gazprom obavestenje 04.03.2022.

The supply of NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations is as usual. Pančevo Oil Refinery operates in normal mode and delivers all necessary types of fuel to the market without any delay. At our petrol stations, which make up the largest retail network in the Republic of Serbia, there are no restrictions on the purchase of fuel. NIS has provided sufficient stocks of petroleum products so that the domestic market is regularly supplied even in conditions of increased demand.

In 2021, Pančevo Oil Refinery achieved a record volume of refining of crude oil and semi-finished products of 3.9 million tons and NIS is ready to respond to the market needs. In the upcoming period, NIS will continue to focus on regular deliveries of all types of fuel as well as on market stability in the Republic of Serbia.