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Important notification for NIS Agro card users

Please be informed that as part of modernizing its operations, NIS has changed the procedure for issue and use of NIS Agro cards. From now on, new members will only receive a digital card in the NIS Agro Card app. The digital card provides all the same benefits of the NIS Agro program, such as discounts on fuel and other products.

To register with the NIS Agro program:

  • Ask for an application at a NIS Petrol or Gazprom filling station
  • Fill out and return the application to the filling station staff
  • NIS will verify the application and activate your digital card
  • You will receive a text message with a link to download the NIS Agro Card app from Play store or App store

Current users can keep using their plastic NIS Agro cards or download the app to start using the digital one. To activate the app, users must register and enter the necessary data.

General terms and conditions of the NIS Agro program for agricultural businesses are available here.

Thank you for your trust,
Your NIS


*In exceptional cases, plastic cards may be issued for new users. If you want to apply for a plastic card, p[lase email us at office@nis.rs.