EV chargers also available on petrol station

NIS Petrol and Gazprom Petrol stations keep abreast with the latest energy trends, but also represent an energy source.

For that reason, we have enable drivers of electric drive vehicles to charge their cars fast and effortlessly in Serbia and Europe, using the regional charge&GO network as well as their partner’s networks.

Electromobiles have become a reality

NIS Petrol and Gazprom always keep track of innovations and hence our petrol stations are the first in Serbia to become a part of charge&GO EV chargers network.

Where can I charge my electromobile?

All owners of electric vehicles now can charge their electromobiles on our selected petrol stations:

  • Gazprom PS Zmaj 1, Belgrade, Belgrade-Zagreb motorway
  • Gazprom PS Novi Sad 16, Novi Sad – Belgrade motorway
  • Gazprom PS Stari Banovci, Belgrade – Novi Sad motorway
  • Gazprom PS Velika Plana – Belgrade – Niš motorway
  • Gazprom PS Sokolići 1, Belgrade-Čačak motorway

How can I pay for the charging service?

You can pay for the service in the following ways:

  • By a payment card, without registration, using charge&Go platform
  • With registration, via charge&GO mobile application
  • With registration, by an RFID card


You can download charge&GO application on GooglePlay or Apple App Store platforms.

You will need to order an RFID card by registering on the website registrovanje.chargego.rs

The answers to the questions most frequently asked by electric vehicle owners are provided below:

How can I register to charge&GO platform?

You can register to charge&GO platform simply by clicking here.

What are the benefits of using charge&GO application?

By means of charge&GO application, you can start and stop charging, monitor the ongoing charging process, see the time and place of previous charging sessions, and manage your account.

Is using charge&GO application charged?

The application is charged RSD 120 only if the e-energy consumption is under RSD 120 monthly. If the charging costs exceed RSD 120, the monthly is not charged.

How can I charge my vehicle without having to register?

You can use an option of one-off payment by a payment card in order to initiate charging.

What is an RFID card and what is its purpose?

An RFID (radio frequency identification) card is linked to your account and it enables starting or stopping charging at the point of charging without using the mobile application, provided a previous registration.

What is the function of different chargers?

A wall mount charger is used for small appliances and is an adequate solution for periodical charging of electric vehicles.

Type 2 is the European charging standard and, as such, is the most commonly used type of connection in the European Union. It is used for AC charging.

CCS is the European standard for fast charging. The CCS connection supplies power using direct current (DC).

CHAdeMO is the Japanese standard for fast charging.

What is the difference between AC and DC?

AC is the designation for alternating current, while DC is the designation for direct current.

Is it secure?

Yes, the information security management system is ISO27001 certified.

For further information on EV chargers, go to website chargego.rs.

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