Spend bonus points to purchase fuel and other products

Earned bonus points can be spent at any time to reduce the receipt amount when purchasing fuel at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Bonus points can also be spent on purchases of other products and services.

How can bonus points be spent?

If your bill is 1,500 RSD, and you have 500 bonus points earned on the card, you will pay 1,000 RSD, because your basic account of 1,500 RSD is reduced for 500 RSD.

You don’t have to spend all the bonus points. If the amount of bonus points to be spent is not determined, the system automatically uses the maximum possible number of points available on the account. Beside earned bonus points, your Sa nama na putu  mobile application and the personalized page My account, provides insight into the value of transactions and purchases at any time.

The following table shows an example of discounts used with the Sa nama na putu card, as well as an example of paying bills with the help of bonus points.

(RSD) *
Discount with
Sa nama na putu (RSD)
G-Drive diesel 1.000 0 1.000
Drive Cafe espresso coffee 160 30 130
Drive Cafe burger 330 70 260
Dried pork tenderloin and kajmak sandwich 390 80 310
Chocolate doughnut 170 40 130
Ice cream with dressing 100 20 80
Coca Cola 0,33 l 160 40 120
Total value of the receipt (RSD): 2.030
Number of bonus points on the Sa nama na putu:** 2.000
Receipt to be paid (RSD): 30

*Offer and prices at A category petrol stations (motorway petrol stations)
**1 bonus point = 1 RSD


Bonus points cannot be earned for purchasing cigarettes, TAG devices, magazines, daily newspapers, all kinds of recharges, laundry and vacuum cleaner tokens. If bonus points are spent to purchase products offered for coupons or products on a discount with the Sa nama na putu card, the product price shall be reduced i.e. discounted.