The wholesale sector in Čačak includes the territory east of the Drina River, south of the Sava River, west of the Belgrade-Niš highway and south of the border with Montenegro.

Our customers are located in the following administrative districts: Moravica, Zlatibor, Šumadija, Raška, Kolubara, Macva, as well as part of Pomoravski (Svilajnac) and part of Podunavski (Smederevska Palanka).

Our goal is to satisfy all the needs and requirements of our customers, in this part of Serbia.

Dušan Tomić

Head of the Čačak wholesale sector

Branka Moračanin

Commercialist for the Čačak region

Nebojša Ćalović

Commercialist for the Čačak region

Dušica Novaković

Commercialist for the Čačak region

Marija Deljanin

Wholesale support coordinator

Nataša Krsmanović

Wholesale support coordinator

Jovana Luković

Wholesale support administrator