For simpler business

Electronic invoice is a service created for the simplest and most efficient business. We know very well how important fast communication and exceptional organization are in your business, so we, as our client and partner, have provided you with the service of submitting invoices electronically.

This service allows you to receive all invoices by e-mail instead of paper. The service contributes to increased productivity and reduced costs by shortening time and simplifying the processes of sending, receiving, entering data and archiving received invoices.


Receive all invoices electronically

There are three ways you can receive invoices:

✓ Via MFT web service
✓ Via Halcomport for e-invoices (HalEfakture portal)
✓ Via the Halcom e-banking platform

By accessing the MFT web service or direct delivery to your SFTP or FTPS server, you will be able to easily and securely download all types of outgoing documents (invoices, pro forma invoices, advance invoices, book credits, book debits, interest calculations, statements of open items), as well as that in NIS j.s.c. return the signed book approvals, which will be submitted in compliance with the legal regulations and guaranteeing their invariability.


What an electronic invoice provides

  • Automate processes, data entry and invoice storage
  • Reduction of costs
  • Faster receipt of invoices